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Aim / Vision / Mission

The Mission is to have a valued name in Corrugate Industries.

Quality Policy / Processes

Assure customers of highest quality products at par with international standards. Mangalam Packaging range of printing and packaging solutions is widely much-admired for quality and consistency. We are committed to strive constantly and innovate the entire range of designing, printing & packaging solutions to provide exciting and feasible solutions to customers.


Our sales representatives are trained as packaging consultants so that they can provide the most cost‐effective solutions to your packaging needs. Whether you are looking for assistance on a new project, a redesign, or in need of a complete value added packaging audit, our commitment is to protect your company's product and image.


Satisfying the customer is our first and foremost commitment. To ensure complete satisfaction our responsive and knowledgeable customer service team will assist through all phases of an order or project. Whether tracking orders real time, researching past orders, or managing warehouse inventory, we guarantee prompt and accurate service.


MANGALAM PACKAGING Corrugated Box Company utilizes both on‐site and off‐site warehouse space. This allows your company to use Just‐In‐Time production and ordering systems which minimize your inventories while still satisfying your customer's demands.


We go the extra mile to assure on‐time delivery. MANGALAM PACKAGING Corrugated Box Company has discovered that one way to guarantee on‐time delivery is to control transportation and delivery. We operate a full fleet of semi tractor trailers to ensure dependable delivery of our products to your dock. With MANGALAM PACKAGING, you can trust that your packaging will arrive when you need it.


If your company has centralized purchasing and multiple plant locations in need of a single source supplier, then look no further than MANGALAM PACKAGING Corrugated Box Company. With MANGALAM PACKAGING and your company will be assured the one‐stop convenience and efficiency that you are expecting.

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